Revamped. Renewed. These are the common terminologies used by many people when a product is changed or by a paradigm shift in society.

The need for modernization is necessary especially in our current technological era of Facebooking, Tweeting and Googling where information is bombarded at such rapid succession that is it hard to keep track of our daily activities. The 2.0 is more than just the evolution from the beta stage but it goes beyond a rudimentary upgrade of a Gourmand.

Food is the common denominator in every society and one can experience instant gratification through the human senses. Who can resist the sight of a molten double chocolate lava cake, the smell of a luscious green herb garden sprinkled with newly showered raindrops, the seductive taste of a freshly baked blue cheese souffle and of course, the decadent contrasting taste of a creme brulee. The process of cooking is always upgrading, not limited to one’s imagination.

A year can make, but better yet, has made a difference to this Gourmand. After my international culinary studies, coming back to Jamaica to make a significant contribution to the local culinary landscape has been an arduous road but with a positive, can do (if not persistent) attitude & a glass of wine in the Riedel, i’ll surely kick ass & will leave my mark in the industry.

So, here it is: JAMAICAN GOURMAND 2.0

Le Cordon Bleu Graduates from Left: Anita Chin, Taylor Erickson, Craig Fleming