Hello my fellow gourmands,

My apologies again for the 2 days of foodie withdrawals, The Jamaican Gourmand is back with a vengeance.

For all the fellow gourmand followers in our beautiful isle of Jamaica, we are appreciative for the sea blue skies and intimate exposure to the tanning & bronzing UVA/UVB rays of sunshine. Notwithstanding our other international gourmands, no need to be bummed as this gives you another incentive to take that long needed, relaxing trip to the island. Absorbing the flashbulb intensified sunshine onto the reflectively glistening skin, our throats begin to parch, longing for the cool wintery sensation only satisfied by a refreshing glass of lemonade. The lemon and lime are universally appealing fruits that are used in various parts of the world and is one of the few fruits which can be both savory and sweet. From the leathery pores of its exterior sheltering its citrus-influenced oils to the melange of sour & sweet liquid stored in its many raindrop inspired “pouches”, both diminutive fruits possess a sensation unlike any other.  It is said to have holistic and palatable qualities. The skin can be grated and used in many pastries, pastas, main course dishes and even candied to eat. The bitterly rind (the white layer between the skin and the pulp) can be used for cosmetic and fragrant purposes and is a common ingredient in many products such as potpourri and  skincare. The pulpy palpitating center is the most commonly used and delicious portion of the fruit and fulfills it role as being delectably acidic. Here is a recipe below for a quenching Lemon Iced Tea which is both simple, mind-blowing delicious and takes advantage of the excess amounts of limes, lemons and the ever rare Meyer lemon in season.


From left: Jasmine Tea Leaves, Lemonade, Honey, Lemon, Limes


2 cups      Freshly brewed Jasmine tea* (2 packets/2 Tbsp tea leaves)

2 Tbsp      Organic Honey** (best retrieved fresh from a local bee farm/vendor)

8 cups       Freshly mixed Lemonade

2 Tbsp       Cane sugar

1                   Lemon***


In a glass pitcher, pour cooled tea and lemonade and stir until combined. Add honey and sugar into pitcher and stir until the sugar has dissolved and the honey thoroughly mixed. Cut lemon/lime into thick circles and place into the pitcher. Stir to combine all ingredients. Chill for at least 2 hours. Pour into an iced filled glass. Enjoy.

From left clockwise: Mayer Lemon, Lemon, Lime

*Best method to cool tea is to brew it with hot water and let it steep for 30 minutes at room temperature (the tea needs to be a very strong brew especially since other ingredients will be added).

** The best way to test for genuine honey is to place into the refrigerator and see if any sugar crystals are formed at the top of the bottle. Good quality honey should NOT crystallize nor have a thick, hard white layer.

***One Lemon is the equivalent of 4 Limes. More juice can be extracted by rolling the fruit on a flat surface in a forward/backward motion. As shown below:

So rejuvenate and lounge in the sweltering heat (or pretend to) with a cool, refreshing and spine tingling glass of homemade Lemonade.

-The Jamaican Gourmand